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If you need a new PC or need yours repaired, Nautilus Tech Solutions has you covered. We sell and service all Windows-based PC’s, including desktops, laptops and mini PC’s. Brands include Dell, HP, ASUS and many others. We can also build you a custom desktop or laptop that will last much longer than out-of-the-box PC’s. Custom built laptops are available using Clevo brand laptop chassis that are extremely high quality and durable.


Operating System Reinstall

A full Operating System reinstall will get your computer running like it’s brand new. We will put all of the software and files back on the machine and help you set it up exactly how you want it. If we install an Operating System that is new to you, such as Windows 10, we will help get you oriented to make sure you have an easy transition. 

PC Tune-Up

Nautilus will remove viruses and malware, and perform maintenance on your computer. This will resolve most issues with slowness, Internet browsers, Blue Screen, drivers, and pop-ups. We also will check your hard drive for disk errors, and check to make sure your computer memory is operating correctly.

Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

We repair all computer hardware problems including replacing faulty hard drives, memory, fans, and even re-soldering damaged capacitors on your motherboard. Also, we can install hardware upgrades such as new memory to your computer to make it run faster, or add components such as video cards, sound cards, DVD/Blu-ray drives, and hard drives. When installing a new hard drive, a Solid State Drive (SSD) is recommended. They boot up faster and are more reliable because they do not have moving parts like Hard Disk Drives (HDD‘s).

Custom Builds

Nautilus can build you a custom computer with separate, high-grade components that is sure to last you much longer than an out-of-the-box PC. There are all different sizes of desktop and server builds, as well as laptops and mini PC‘s. Whatever purpose you may have for a PC, whether it‘s a Home Theater PC, Office PC, Gaming PC, File Server or Web Server, we can come up with the perfect solution for whatever your budget calls for.

Backup Setup

We can help you set up backup, to protect your important files from being lost. It is a good idea to back up all of your personal files (pictures, documents, etc.) to a hard drive that is not plugged into your computer so just in case you drop your computer or lightning strikes it, your important and irreplaceable files will not be lost.

Data Recovery and Data Transfer

We repair internal and external hard drives. Do you have a hard drive that failed, or you have you accidentally deleted a file? We can retrieve valuable information from the drive. If you need to transfer your files to a new or different drive, we can help you with that!

Password Reset

Oops, you locked yourself out of your own computer. We can reset your Windows password quickly to get you up and running again.

Remote Services

Using a program called TeamViewer, we can remotely and securely log in to your computer using a one-time code to perform maintenance and software repairs. This includes PC Tune-Ups, Software Installations, and Virus Removal.